Print at home!

Always sleeve your cards!

Are you a fan of the kitchen table? Build the decks how you want with our PDFs for home printing. Print, cut them out, and slide them into a sleeve with another Magic card before challenging your best friend to a Star Wars showdown.

Download the Pack Generator and PDFs here!

Play Online!

Reddit, our homebase for communication.

Join us at the subreddit /r/swtg! There you can find a free digital download of the set to play with other Star Wars fans online.

Visit /r/swtg to talk strategy, find players, and stay in the loop on updates such as the new Rogue One expansion!

Professional Printing

I can feel the force already...

The best way to play. When you want your cards to look and feel like real Magic cards. We created higher resolution images made with bleed edges for professional factory 300-dpi printing. For more details, click here.

Requires 266MB (Dec 30, 2016):